The Chernobyl tragedy: Trials at all costs
The Chernobyl tragedy: Trials at all costs

01:03 a.m. Dyatlov made sure that the power was brought up to 200 MW, which once again insists on conducting the test. At the request of the shift supervisor, Alexander Akimov, to place this requirement in the corresponding operational journal, he defiantly declared that he had the authority to change the parameters of the test at any time.

These powers became the trigger that led to the disaster. The alarm is turned on again due to the lack of water in the reactor, but no one gives it an objective assessment. Even the prudent and attentive Akimov, well versed in nuclear engineering, did not know all the characteristics of the reactor. He and his comrades are victims of years of concealment and negligence.

Since the beginning of the 60s, the Soviet leadership began to give priority to the nuclear energy. No one, not even the KGB, had the right to interfere with this process.

The KGB declassified archives contain information that the government did not take into account the information about numerous signals that certain mechanisms in the design of the Chernobyl reactor have serious shortcomings.

The fourth power unit was put into operation ahead of schedule, the station management primarily sought to provide themselves and their party leadership with material rewards. Safety was secondary. Headed the construction and commissioning process of the station, and later its director V. Bryukhanov, was ready to do anything to finish the construction ahead of schedule.

Dozens of violations during construction and installation, deviations from the technical protocol during the commissioning of the nuclear power plant will cost lives of hundreds, and he will be sent in prison only for 10 years with a sentence in a correctional labor institution.