History of Chernobyl tragedy
History of Chernobyl tragedy

The light goes out from the shock wave as a result of the first explosion in the station room, the equipment automatically stops working. The employees who were at the console, not having time to understand the causes and extent of what happened, after a split second become witnesses of the second explosion, which triggers a killer chain of man-made consequences that completely destroyed the nuclear reactor.

Its roof, weighing more than 5 hundred tons, takes off into the air, and the reactor becomes a giant mushroom fire that spews over 5 tons of nuclear fuel into the atmosphere. 700 tons of radioactive graphite are scattered over hundreds of kilometers and in a matter of minutes the breath of death spreads everywhere.

Everyone who was at the station at the time of the accident, as well as dozens of liquidators, firefighters, maintenance personnel, unwitting witnesses to the explosions, will be terrified. Some of them will not live more than a day, and those who survived from the explosion will begging for death in agony. She will come after them, burning their bodies from the inside.

Radioactive radiation scattered, capturing not only Ukraine, but also Belarus, Europe, the Scandinavian Peninsula. The leadership of the USSR inform the official version of the accident only after 24 hours.

The subsequent evacuation of Pripyat was lasting for a week. The level of radiation was unacceptably high, in order to avoid panic among the civilian population, it was decided not to advertise its real indicators. Everyone will learn these disastrous figures only after a while, when the whole world has already started talking about the scale of the man-made disaster in the USSR.